How to convert YouTube to Mp3

Once you decide that you need to convert a Youtube video to mp3 format you start looking for easiest and fastest ways to do it. There are always many different ways to achieve something, especially if it is something quite as popular as this type of conversion. The market always has its ways to offer the users different ways to solve their problems. However not all the ways are as easy and fast as the user wants and hopes them to be.
One way to achieve the conversion is to download a converting program, which will do it for you. However a program will have many negative sides to it. For example, you can only use it on the computer which you downloaded it to. If you want to use it on your ipad, any other tablet, or smartphone your attempts might fail. The easier, much more comfortable and always available way, is to do it on an internet page, which flv2mp3.com is.

Step by Step  

The site is pretty self explanatory. All you need to know about how to convert a Youtube video to mp3 format is:

  1. Find the Youtube video you want (please remember if the video file is long then the mp3 file will also be rather large in size)
  2. Highlight the Youtube URL and copy it

  3. Go to http://www.flv2mp3.com/

  4. Paste the URL into the special box
  5. Press enter or click on ìCONVERT to MP3î button
  6. Wait for a minute or two while the site is processing your request. A time bar will appear.
  7. Once the site processes your file, you will see a download button appear, press it

  8. You will get an option to either open the mp3 file or save it to your computer.

  9. Thatís it
  10. If you would like to convert another file press the flv2mp3 button in the top left-hand corner


While using our service, please remember some important points:

1.    We do not convert Youtube videos into video files. The service does only Youtube to mp3 conversions. When choosing the YouTube video for conversion, please note that our service will only help you convert videos, which are 30 or less minutes long.
2.    Before using our service, please make sure that the Youtube video you have chosen is not locked for being copyrighted. If it is, we will not be able to convert it
3.    Due to the popularity of our service you might not be able to make your conversion immediately since our servers might all be busy. In such case, please do not leave. Wait several seconds and try again. We make sure that all our clients are serviced in the shortest possible time.

Easier conversion? No way!

Flv2Mp3 offers the easiest Youtube to mp3 conversion for the internet users. If you have used other services and programs for this before, you know we are right. We are always here, always available, always fast and always helpful.

You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook where you are always welcome to leave your comments and questions about our service.
Writed by Phil Weiss